• EagleView and Leap have teamed up to bring you the best in-home sales tool on the market. Combine the power of Leap with an EagleView QuickSquares or PremiumReport to generate real-time, digital estimates and contracts.  This means no more manual calculations, double data entry, or inaccurate estimates.


    • Accurate Estimating – Create digital estimates by using measurement data from EagleView report.  Zero data entry from the sales rep.
    • Convenient Contracts – Generate professional, digital contracts using the measurement data from an EagleView report.  Even include the images and renderings from the report on the contract.
    • Fast Financing – Connect with lenders during the estimate to provide customer credit approvals in seconds.
    • Real-time Data Management – Use EagleView reports from the sales presentation through the installation process for an unparalleled buying experience.
    • Seamless CRM Integration – Seamlessly update CRMs with your EagleView report along with estimates, contracts, and credit apps.
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