January 9, 2018
By Leap

Case Study: LeafGuard of Indiana

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When John Chambers, President of LeafGuard of Indiana, first heard about Leap’s digital in-home sales app, he thought it was “too good to be true.” A premier seller of one-piece gutter systems with a built-in hood that deflects leaves, pine needles, dirt, debris and more, John’s salesmen were estimating costs longhand on a price estimation form and inefficiently executing paper contracts. While he had wanted to go paperless for a long time, the high cost and difficult transition always dissuaded him.  That was until he learned about Leap.

After receiving a thorough demonstration by Leap’s founder Steve Stencil, John signed up with Leap the same day.

I was blown away by the application’s integration of estimation tools, multiple financing options, and contract execution – all in real time.

John Chambers, President of LeafGuard of Indiana

The onboarding process, John explained, was “flawless” and while there was a small learning curve, Leap provided 24-hour support.

Eleven LeafGuard sales staff have been using Leap for approximately seven months, and since then, Leap has helped the company shorten the finance process from one day to 30 seconds, increase efficiency in the estimation process and execute contracts on-site.

The ultimate measure of success however, has been the 15% increase in sales LeafGuard has achieved since switching to Leap.

Asked if he had any advice for other business owners evaluating Leap, John said, “Any change in software is a daunting task for any business owner. As a business owner involved in the day to day of my business, there is very little risk and the reward is sustainable in switching to Leap.”

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