April 19, 2019
By Andrew Smith

JobNimbus Announces Partnership with Leading Sales Application Leap

Industry-leading CRM JobNimbus partners with point-of-sale software Leap to bring a seamless digital solution to the replacement roofing market.


Leap, the industry-leading point-of-sale application partners with JobNimbus, a CRM giant in the home improvement space. This partnership brings an integrated solution to contractors that allows users to manage their data through the sales and production funnel from a single application. Capabilities include lead & project management, digital estimates, digital contracts, quick financing, and secure payments.

We’re excited to integrate with Leap and believe the partnership adds so much value to contractors. Seamlessly pushing contact and appointment data from JobNimbus into Leap, and then uploading estimates generated in Leap back to JobNimbus creates more business opportunities for our customers at scale.

Adam Bowen, VP of Business Development, JobNimbus

The marriage of these two SaaS-based systems comes on the heels of massive growth from both organizations in the roofing industry. “Aligning with like-minded partners is a major initiative for us in 2019, so we’re incredibly excited about this new venture with JobNimbus,” said Leap COO, Wauker Matthews. “Ben [Hodson] and his team have been fantastic to work with through this project. As our respective products have gained huge adoption over the past 18 months, it makes total sense to come together to better serve the market.”

Home improvement companies can not only optimize their entire customer lifecycle, from lead management through the in-home sale and installation, but they can now do this at scale. Sales appointments pull directly from JobNimbus into the Leap application, where sales reps can quickly calculate estimates for any number of products. Estimates can then generate digital contracts or proposals for signature by the homeowner. All sales data and documents are securely pushed back into JobNimbus, thus streamlining production and re-hash activities – all in real time, all digital, all paperless.

About Leap

Leap is transforming the home services industry as the first complete point-of-sale application, digitizing every stage of the in-home sales process including estimating, financing, contracting and real-time communication. Created by seasoned home services professionals, Leap’s application helps businesses eliminate errors and increase efficiency by simplifying and automating the day-to-day sales process. To learn more, visit http://leaptodigital.com.

About JobNimbus

JobNimbus is an all in one roofing software. With JobNimbus, you can track sales, jobs, and tasks from a single, simplified interface. Because JobNimbus is cloud-based, you can access your information wherever you are, get everyone on the same page, and grow your business. Learn more and start your free trial, visit https://www.jobnimbus.com/

For Additional Details

For further information about this press release, contact James Waite, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Leap. jwaite@leaptodigital.com