February 19, 2020
By Andrew Smith

Utilizing a Point of Sale App for Residential Roofers

James Waite Speaking about Leap: Point of Sale App for Residential Roofers

Compliments of our friends at Marketscale! Thanks for taking the time to sit with our VP of Marketing & Partnerships, James Waite!

Some services have to be conducted on-site in residential homes. Roofing, for example, requires one, if not more, visits to private residences. Often, there are multiple visits to check the roof, offer an estimate, prepare for the work, complete the repair, install, or replacement, and more. All of those trips are costly, and problems with paperwork cause financial leakage.

James Waite, the Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships for Leap, recently talked about this issue with Marketscale’s Tyler Kern while at the International Roofing Expo. Leap is a point of sale application that is popular among roofers. The application is designed to reduce common inconveniences field staff face, like errors in contracts, additional work orders, or miscommunication between the office and the staff in the field.

Integrating estimates, contracts, and analytics into one app that syncs with customer relationship management software (CRMs), Leap digitizes common processes contractors and other field staff face.

Learn more from James Waite about Leap and the value of digitizing point of sales. Tune into our chat during the International Roofers Expo and stay on top of what’s trending by subscribing to MarketScale’s Engineering and Construction channel.

For Additional Details

For information about partnering with Leap, contact James Waite, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Leap. jwaite@leaptodigital.com

To find out more information on how taking the leap to digital will benefit your business, click the link. https://leaptodigital.com/demo/