March 25, 2020
By Andrew Smith

How Technology Helps You Scale & Stay Ahead of the Competition

Leap, in conjunction with our partner improveit360, is proud to present industry leader, Long Roofings’ Corporate Sales Trainer, Michael Lyons!

If you are unfamiliar with Long Roofing, they are one of the biggest home services contractors in the Mid-Atlantic. Michael has been helping Long Roofing create multi-million dollar salespeople for a little over 7 years; having trained 100’s of salespeople on the systems, processes, and techniques they need to become successful salespeople.


  • Michael’s view on technology in the space.
  • How technology helps Long Roofing stay ahead of the competition.
  • Key technologies new companies should adopt to quickly grow their business.
  • Applications that established companies like Long Roofing should adopt to gain efficiencies.
  • Tips that companies should adhere to when evaluating tech for their business.

Michael Lyons

Corporate Sales Trainer