April 13, 2020
By Andrew Smith

A Seamless Solution for Long Home Products

Learn how you can make your process seamless

“Leap takes away human error.”

Michael Lyons

“Hello, this is Michael Lyons with Long Roofing and I’d like to just give my opinions on the leap software and our experiences with it at Long. We’ve been on it for about two years now is really made our process seamless from in-home estimating to pulling in our measurement reports. As in hover or if you use Eagle view, you can use that as well. It’s just really great software to make everything uniform across all platforms for all products for the reps, Leap makes it very seamless for the estimating process. We can spend more time with the customer and figuring out what they want and what they need.”

“In addition, formulating the contract is just absolutely seamless, right in the home. Everything that we estimate moves over to the contract, sign, Sealed, Delivered, boom! We’re good to go, uploads to our CRM, in this case, i360. Automatically a customer receives a copy. So for us, Leap has just been really great! It might seem like a daunting task to put all of your information, get everything together in Leap and make it to a point where the rep can use it in the home without calling 15 different people and asking them different questions. The nice part about that, it’s not a daunting task at all.”

“The team at Leap, including Kaynat, Allison, Jamie, Alex, Dinah, and Renee, anytime you need them, it doesn’t matter whether I’m at my desk at nine o’clock in the morning, or at two o’clock in the afternoon, they’re right there, they can chat with you. You can call them or email them, and they’ll help you with anything you need to get you set up.”

“So Leap team, you know Long Roofings behind you, we love you. Thank you for all your help. And good luck in the future. I hope you keep building and we’re right there with you!”

Corporate Sales Trainer: Michael Lyons

Photo of Mike Lyons, Corporate Sales Trainer for Long Roofing, and his testimonial

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Leap is a subscription-based software that home service contractors use to digitize their business – digital contracts, estimates, documents, financing, and more! Leap integrates with top home improvement software! Using Leap companies eliminate redundancies and errors.

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