April 20, 2020
By Andrew Smith

[Video] Earth Day, Every Day

500 Trees Planted. Together We Can Do This!

Earth Day was originally going to be a month-long initiative because at Leap’s core we are taking a paper process and making it digital. So naturally, Earth Day was something we thought we could hook our wagon onto. However, due to these unprecedented times, our culture team re-grouped and put together the following exciting initiatives!

Plant 500 trees!

Go digital. Plant a tree. Schedule a FREE sales consultation today!


  • Virtual Lunch & Learn: Leap employees will participate in an organic, environmentally friendly, sustainable lunch; while having a professional guest speaker teach us how we can each individually reduce our carbon footprint!
  • One Leap License, One Tree Planted: Partnering with OneTreePlanted, Leap will donate 1 tree for every Leap license sold, in the name of that organization. That’s not every company, that’s 1 tree for every license each company signs up for with Leap!
  • Tree Growing Kit: Each Leap employee received a tree growing kit, which will incubate inside for roughly 60 days and then Leap in partnership with the local Parks and Recreation will be arranging a volunteer tree planting event!
  • One Tree Per Shout-out: We will plant a tree for every current customer that sends us a video of them saying “Paper sucks, plant a tree, use Leap! Happy Earth Day!”
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