April 24, 2020
By Andrew Smith

Leap into the Washington Business Journal

Is Remote Onboarding the New Norm?!

Everyone in the world is adjusting to their new normal. Leap’s VP of Marketing, Shashi Bellamkonda’s new normal is onboarding from afar. The day after he joined, the whole company went remote, and his onboarding experience went 100% digital. I can’t help but see a parallel between this transition of onboarding in-person to onboarding virtually, with Leap’s core objective of taking an old paper process and digitizing it. Could this be the world forcing us to leap to digital?!

Whether virtual onboarding and the remote work life is here to stay or not, it is important for companies to maintain a healthy culture. Check out this article by Emily Van Zandt, that was featured in Washington Business Journal Today, giving you Shashi’s take on a virtual onboarding experience and the culture within Leap.

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Shashi Bellamkonda

I just joined Leap – a software company that provides a digital sales application to the home services space – on March 13. The day after I joined, the whole company went remote. My onboarding as a new hire was completely digital and a great experience. as I learned from teams across the company. The company culture includes making sure everyone can take care of not just their work, but also take care of themselves and their family. While we are in constant touch on Slack, email and have video meetings when necessary or to socialize, we have been making sure teams have set aside time to eat and have clear guidelines on when to stop working. Personally, my family is enjoying spending time and eating together, cooking, and baking in the evenings a lot.

Playing a virtual Pictionary-like game with the whole company at Leap on Zoom. Can you imagine how tough it is to describe a “coyote” as a drawing on a digital whiteboard? It was great fun and a good way for the team to enjoy the team spirit. We had a Lunch & Learn, which we did remotely and were delighted to have every employee who attended get a pizza delivered to their homes.

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