April 30, 2020
By Andrew Smith

April Webinars – Watch on Demand

Every month we organize educational webinars for the home services community on topics that help our companies and yours succeed. Watch the April webinars at your leisure. Links below.

Home Contractor’s Guide to Preparing for the Great Comeback

Many contractors who have been through previous recessions are preparing for the comeback. We consulted with many of these successful contractors and ultimately came up with a plan to help you prepare for the comeback successfully!

Ease of Software: Scale and increase your revenue through sales efficiency

Whether you have 100+ sales reps or you are an owner-operator, you have the ability to enhance your company’s professionalism and have an easy way to keep your sales team equipped with the proper pricing, terms, and resources.

Continue to operate your business, increase revenue, and scale through sales efficiency. This webinar will show you how the right software, makes all the difference!

3 Ways to Digitize Your Sales Process

Going paperless is something that gets thrown around a lot. It’s no secret that companies that have embraced technology gradually over the past 10-15 years are better positioned to make it through industry changes, like the one we are experiencing today. Over the years, our team has talked to thousands of companies about their sales process and how to digitize it. This time we are going to dig a little deeper and dissect the 3 ways companies could digitize their sales process. 

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