May 9, 2020
By Shashi Bellamkonda

The comeback from the pandemic may permanently alter transactions

Even after the stay-at-home restrictions end, will homeowners prefer virtual consultations with contractors? It is almost certain that most home owners who now very familiar with receiving and and signing all documents electronically will prefer electronic transactions.

If you look at other adjacent industries, Ilyce Glink and Samuel.J. Tamkin writing in the Washington Post observe that home buyer may continue to prefer virtual showings, virtual open houses and remote closings or settlements. The crisis could accelerate electronic changes in the real estate industry.

As a home owner, even before the covid-19 pandemic hit, I preferred to engage with contractors electronically. I researched their websites and communicated with them electronically. I received all the proposals electronically with all the details I needed to make the decision. Company info, guarantees, product information, photos of my roof specially where the damage was, the contractor’s process and what I shoudl expect during the job. While earlier I may have been an exception, post Covid-19 this may become what is expected.

Successful contractors who had already adapted technology continued their business even during the pandemic. They could move very easily to virtual presentations with homeowners using online meeting software combined with Leap’s first-ever end-to-end point of sale application digitizing every stage of the in-home sales process including estimating, financing, contracting and real-time communication.

Before I joined Leap, I had the chance to talk to 2 of Leap’s existing customers who are top roofing contractors. Here is how they answered the question.

How would you describe LEAP?

“Game-changing. I was trying to become a paperless company, tried to use Adobe, DocuSign, and complete the process and then leap fell on my lap. Removed the old system of price books, calculator and a pen, eliminated mistakes, no corrections needed, reduced out of stock products, inventory mistakes, a lot more efficient, processing the sale and marking it in a few hours, ​cut down 2 or days from the process”

“Beauty of it, taking our process from a week to less than a day, define parameters, only things that you want to happen can happen, control what comes through the door, makes us look professional, how it made everything seamless made 50 sales rep organized.”

Chances are you are already using technology in your sales process. Now maybe a good time to upgrade your technology stack using Leap and move everything to the cloud – No paper, no software to download, you control product, inventory, and pricing across all your salespeople and the best thing is that you only pay the licensing fees per sales rep and you do not worry about maintaining technology infrastructure.

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What are your thoughts on the changing technology to conduct your home improvement business?

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