May 11, 2020
By Andrew Smith

3 Experts From Leading Companies Discuss How They Are Preparing For The New Normal

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  • Do you feel like your company has been in the advanced stages of digital transformation in the industry? 
  • Should the industry return to normal, or should there be a new normal as far as standards are concerned? How are you handling it in your company? 
  • What are consumers asking you today that they have not before?
  • How will homeowner expectations change? 
  • What will the expectations of sanitization standards be from homeowners? 
  • What industry trends do you expect to see? 

These are just a few of the questions we will be diving into on our panel discussion this Thursday!

Meet the Panel:

Michael Lyons
Corporate Sales Trainer at
Long Roofing

Mike Lyons has been in the home remodeling world since 2010 and united with the Long Roofing® team in February 2013.  

With Long Roofing, Mike has an array of experience beginning as a successful product specialist, becoming a top team manager, and now as corporate sales trainer.    

As corporate sales trainer, Mike hires and educates the new product specialists by conducting training to ensure their clients receive all the necessary information to make the most informed decisions on their homes.   

Mike also helps develop company-wide goals, individual goals for each product specialist, and training with all sales personnel.  With the guidance of Mike in this leadership role, we are able to ensure each product specialist embodies Long Roofing’s values and mission to guarantee the greatest customer experience.  

Mark Olsen
Co-Owner at
Krumwiede Home Pros

Brothers, Greg and Mark Olsen have dedicated their careers to continuing the legacy established by their granduncle many years ago. Both have spent their summers growing up working in the field learning all aspects of the remodeling industry since High School. Both out of College in the early 2000s, Greg and Mark went right back to Krumwiede and started from scratch. They both got involved with leadership roles and develop company processes designed around creating 100% customer satisfaction. This does not happen overnight and takes proper management styles. Greg and Mark now are Co-Owners of Krumwiede Home Pros, being handed down the company from their father Jack Olsen. Both are dedicated, driven workers that enjoy adding value to their customers’ homes while fostering a pleasant experience throughout the job progress. Throughout the years the brothers have taken some of the industry’s top accolades in becoming nationally ranked in Remodelers Top 500 category and winning the Big50 Award for top replacement contractors in the Nation. 

Heather Heydet
Marketing Director at EXOVATIONS

Heather Heydet is the Marketing Director at EXOVATIONS and is responsible for the creation and execution of all branding, marketing strategy, advertising, search marketing, digital content, web design, social media marketing, email marketing, trade shows, sales literature, internal communications, copywriting, graphic design, sales contests, company outings, and event planning for this $18M home exterior remodeling company. 

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