May 18, 2020
By Andrew Smith

[Video] Leap Founder Series: Digital Contracts

Digital Contracts

“Creating contracts in Leap is one of the most powerful parts of the entire application. It allows your sales reps to take everything that they used to create the estimate, and auto-populate that into a contract. This is important because everything that the sales are measured and priced up, every single quantity of every single line item that they entered into the estimator is accounted for on the contract.

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So when your customer is going over and saying, Hey, this is included, or this was not included, or he said this or she said that, you can have the software auto-populate all of that information to prevent those errors and omissions from happening.

We also have a way to capture signatures electronically. So if your sales rep is face to face with the homeowner, they can just sign it with their finger on the iPad. If they’re not face to face with the homeowner, let’s say you had a change order or the customer calls you back at a later date and says hey, we want to go ahead and pull the trigger on the project. I could just send them an email that they can sign via DocuSign. They can just click in with their phone, hit sign, and all of that information is auto set back to your home office, whether it’s uploading it to a CRM, or just emailing someone like an office manager back in the home office.”

Steve Stencil, Founder & CTO of Leap

Creating Digital Contracts

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