June 4, 2020
By Andrew Smith

[Video] Leap Founder Series: Resources


Leap can also house all of your pitch materials to make sure that your sales reps have everything they need to close a deal at their fingertips! PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, videos, links to websites. So this means you can house manufacturer’s brochures, all the PDFs with all of the color samples and product selections. You can do a customer testimonial video of why they should buy from you and note the experience that this specific customer had.

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I remember when I did in-home sales, we had what to expect during your installation. This was a short video that the company created that explained this is what we’re going to do after you sign the contract. All of these tools that you can house in our software you can control remotely via the dashboard. Not only can you make sure your sales reps have everything they need, but also make sure it is up to date and current!

Steve Stencil, Founder & CTO, Leap

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