June 18, 2020
By Andrew Smith

[Video] Give Your Customers More Visually Appealing Digital Contracts and Estimates

New Feature Release: Sketch Pad!

Here at Leap, we continue to innovate and launch new features regularly. A lot of them come as a result of feedback and feature requests from our customers! We love and continue to welcome that.

You and your customers will be as thrilled as we are with the latest update to the Leap app which rolled out in June. Using the Sketch Pad feature, which you can access on the contract or estimate screen, you can now easily visualize your projects on your contracts and estimates. Customers like visuals and you also reduce the chances of any miscommunication by making your estimates and contracts very easy to understand, allowing you to reach an agreement quickly. Create a great impression with homeowners by being creative.

See the Sketch Pad in Action!

Watch the on demand workshop featuring the new Sketch Pad tool! Get a tutorial from Leap’s Founder and CTO, Steve Stencil, as we walk through all the features of this new tool and how you can use it to create more visually appealing digital estimates and contracts for your customers.

Sketch Pad Workshop!

Custom Sketch and Markup

As you create a PDF, you will be able to draw a quick sketch over drawings to show the homeowners visually markups or measurements. These could be roof layouts or a wireframe of a Bathtub or a 3D rendering/wireframe of a shower. You can easily add measurements, how many feet or inches this wall is, and how tall the wall is how deep the tub is.

Draw Straight Lines and Rectangles

In addition to be able to sketch, Leap customers will be able to enable a background grid, that will help them draw straight lines over a drawing or an image explaining areas and specific job details.

Annotate and Insert Photos

Leap’s app already makes your sales process cutting edge. Now as you prepare to send estimates or contracts to homeowners, you can add photos, renderings, and enhance the visual look of your contracts.

Create Photo Collages

This new release gives you the ability to bring in multiple photos, sketch on top of them or mark them up, and use them within your estimates or contracts.

Create Once and Use Everywhere

You will be able to reduce your work by sketching, modifying, and marking images up. Once you are done, you can pull these into the estimate and later use the same images in the contract.

The Sketch Pad feature is available on: Leap Premium, Leap Pro, and ProSell.

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