July 13, 2020
By Andrew Smith

[Video] Digitally Presenting Your Customer’s Home Services Journey

For most remodelers and contracting companies, their value to homeowners is greater than simply the overall cost of the project. The question is, do all homeowners understand the “value of you?” Are you telling your story in a memorable way to homeowners? 

For many in the home services industry, getting out and telling their story is a new concept. Using technology like presentation software can put you ahead of the game and help you tell an exceptional story consistently across your organization from a pricing and contracting standpoint.

This has never been more relevant than now when there is such uncertainty about the future and the pandemic returning. Investing time and energy to prepare yourself now with the technologies to give yourself an advantage is just smart. Successful businesses crisis-proof themselves not only for the current situation but also for the post-pandemic future.  

We invited author and remodeling industry expert Mark G. Richardson to have a fireside chat with Vince Nardo, president of Reborn Cabinets, and a customer of both Leap and Ingage. Vince helped his company grow from a small start-up to a $42 million, fast-growing home improvement leader. Hear from these two experts the key takeaways and practical methods on how successful contractors are succeeding despite today’s unusual environment. How do remodelers and other home services companies prepare for the future strategically?  

This discussion will touch on:

  • Making a great first impression – Do your homeowners understand the value of your business?
  • Meeting the customer where they are
  • Leveraging technology that differentiates you from others
  • What you should be doing today, tomorrow and in the future

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