July 13, 2020
By Shashi Bellamkonda

Easily build your product packages using new Leap feature

In this day and age, contractors handwriting the price to the customer shows redundancy in their processes. Contractors who don’t use technology have to work extra hard creating templates to email to their customers. Using an iPad, generating a template, and showing the iPad to the customer is not a good way to efficiently use technology in your sales process. All of the components of pricing and packaging must be integrated and easy. Using Leap is a fantastic way to present your price to the homeowner. In just a few clicks you can create multiple packages with a price so you can negotiate from those prices and then translate that into a contract. Leap gives you the power of generating packages and presenting the price to the homeowner in a clean and professional package.

Before Leap, this was done by repeatedly redoing the math in a template and involved a lot of linking and logic. Now, successful contractors who are already using the full power of Leap to build their “Good”, “Better”, and “Best” packages within the Estimates section can populate the price from each package into the contract.

To save Leap customers time and help their customers build and customize their package offering, we have upgraded the Leap software to handle all the logic and make creating estimates and contracts easier. We took the logic that is needed to create a package into our code and mapped the data to “placeholders.” With this update, you can add these placeholders into the contract and the package price is automatically populated. In addition, we have created the ability to add different discount tiers for packages.

To illustrate this, let’s say that your sales rep is heading to a roofing appointment. You have three different packages. Your top of the line packages comes with upgraded shingles, underlayment, flashings, high-end drip edge, and a lifetime warranty. Your middle package comes with decent shingles and underlayment. For a fixer-upper or a home sale where the homeowner needs a new roof but does not care about the bells and whistles, you have a basic package to offer to them. Using Leap, you enter the measurements once and then swipe between the three packages, all without having to repeat the measurements each time.

If the customer wants the top of the line “Best” package but does not want the warranty, or maybe they want the “Better” package but wants the top of the line shingle product, you can now create custom packages with a few swipes in the Leap app!

This is a huge equalizer for contracting companies of all sizes. Leap customers save time and save vital IT resources needed to create large formulas and links to hand create packages. Without this feature, if the homeowner wants customization, the sales rep had to go back to the office to create logic and formulas and spend a lot of time on this. Using this feature in Leap, your reps will be able to run more sale appointments, as all the customization of the packages is now take care of by the Leap all-in-one sales software!

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