July 22, 2020
By Andrew Smith

Discover How To Reduce Your “Cost Per Sale” Dramatically [On Demand]

The latest numbers are in! It now costs Home Services companies $419.62 for each and every ‘issued’ lead they give to their salespeople. With an average closing ratio of about 33%, that means it costs $1398.73 for each SOLD lead. Yikes! This number is going up every year! 

Watch the 5 ways to increase your sales conversion rate!

So, What’s the Solution? 

Simply put, the best way to combat these out of control leads costs is to get MUCH BETTER at lead conversion.  In this webinar, Tim Musch – Director of Business Development at MarketSharp, will detail each of the 5 sales you and your staff need to make to optimize lead conversion.  The solution isn’t simply to generate more leads but to have less ‘fall through the cracks’ in your lead conversion process   Once identified, we’ll detail exactly what it takes to effectively get much more efficient at each and every one of those 5 sales you need to make. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • We’ll start with a big dose of encouragement 
  • Why effective lead conversion goes way beyond ‘closing sales’ 
  • The one painless thing you could do tomorrow that would drive 10-20% more profit to your bottom line 
  • What place “Remote Selling” will play in your business now and in the future 
  • How to get another job for every job you complete in the neighborhood 
  • How you can immediately increase sales without generating more leads or increasing closing ratios 
  • What Key Performance Indicator (KPI) numbers you absolutely need to know about your business (and industry “benchmark” numbers to shoot for) 
  • How to separate your company from ALL your competitors (this is key) 
  • How you can grow your business (and profits) in 2020 by over 60% by only getting 10% better at what you do… REALLY! 
  • How to proactively stimulate a massive amount of positive online reviews for your business 
  • Specific strategies to turn your unsold leads into a profitable business (huge) 
  • Simple processes to easily create “lifetime” customers (repeat business) 
  • Much More! 

Meet Tim Musch:

Tim Musch

Tim has spent the last 25 years developing and refining (CRM) systems for contractors in the Home Services industry space.  Prior to that, he spent 15 years gaining experience in a family-owned remodeling company in Central Wisconsin.  Currently, Tim is Director of Business Development for MarketSharp Software located in La Crosse, WI.  MarketSharp has supplied computerized marketing solutions to over 4,000 of the country’s most successful Home Services Companies including over 40% of Qualified Remodeler Magazine’s Top 500.

Over the past few years, Tim has spoken to hundreds of groups building the case for the benefits of systemizing local, independent businesses.  Tim’s formal education includes a degree in Marketing.

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