August 3, 2020
By Andrew Smith

[Video] Home Smart Industries: Leap is the tool that will change your business!

Leap on a scale of 1 to 10?

Definitely a 10! I mean, it’s been an incredible change for us. It really has. And I think it’s just taking us you know, to a whole other level when we walk into a home or presentation, just everything about it is is so much better because of it. So I definitely recommend it. Yeah. I would recommend Leap to any operation that involves in home sales. It is a tool that will change your business. No doubt about it in my mind.

Why Leap?

Well, the simplicity for the user I think is key. You know, anytime you’re making a transition with your Salesforce that affects the way they do things in the home simplicity has to be there. You know you want your salespeople focusing in the home on countering objectives and closing the deal and, you know, all the mechanical elements of the things that they have to do to accomplish that have to be done in a way that allows them to keep that focus and still perform professionally in a way that gives you the end result that you want. And that end result is you need to walk away from that sale with a professional contract that includes the correct details. You know you want to price the thing right, you want your salesperson to have been providing them with the right amount of detail and, and what not. The Leap program has been incredibly helpful in that area. You know, introducing that program to new salespeople. In the early days, there was the fear, you know, from going from the old pitch book to a laptop presentation. You know, they were still even when they were doing a PowerPoint presentation on a laptop, they still had their picture books. You know, they still had those other components that they used, and bringing leap into that, really streamlined a lot of that, you know, they still have some of the physical things that you put in a customer’s hand and they can feel and touch and whatnot. But putting all those things in a very controlled system like that has been very, very helpful to us. And it’s been easy enough for the salespeople to learn quickly, and to be able to be successful.

How has Leap saved you time?

The ability to do the virtual sale with this program, you know, by cutting out that four-hour drive to that one customer that’s out in the far end of your territory, you know, that salesperson can now run another appointment that day, that he would not have been able to run. Possibly even two or three even.

How has Leap helped with documents?

You know, in the past, what would happen is, you had a salesperson, if he had three appointments today, you’re not going to see any paperwork from those appointments, no sooner than tomorrow. And that’s if you’re lucky. You know, in the past, that guy would go home, he would scan some stuff in and email you some stuff. He might have made a phone call and reported the basic lead result, but you didn’t get any details. You know, now with Leap, we’re getting those contracts instantly, you know, before he left the driveway we’re getting the contract. And that obviously helps us in a lot of ways internally and we’re no longer chasing somebody down for those details. You know, those cases where you have some situation that occurs where you get a guy that’s got a really heavily booked schedule he might have in the past been three or four days before he got time to put it all together and give it to you. And now it’s coming in, you know, as each sale is closing, and, you know, even though they’re still getting us photos and all those other things that are part of that piece of that puzzle. We do use some of the photos in the contract, but we don’t use the full photo thing in the contract yet. But all of those things are coming to us much faster. It’s definitely been a huge thing. It definitely cuts down on a lot of effort involved with getting that information where it needs to go.

How has Leap helped with errors?

Every team has that one guy whose handwriting is well, frankly, probably as bad as mine. And it’s just, you know, you get that contract, you can’t read the detail clearly. We’ve eliminated a lot of problems in that regard, the communication between production and sales. You’re now getting a contract that spells out things in writing. It’s typed, you’re not impacted by trying to interpret handwriting. I mean, you know, for years we’d be in, somebody walking around the office showing somebody a contract, Hey, can you figure out what that word means? You know, that’s been eliminated completely by bringing Leap into this system. And that’s been very helpful for us.

When you have that stuff in legible clear text in front of you, you eliminate all of that handwriting issue that, unfortunately, happens. You just you don’t have that with Leap at all. The details are clear, they’re easy. We can tweak them, we can adjust them. You know, if a product issue occurs, we get notice of a product change or elimination of availability, we can now go in and instantly address that versus having to have people come in, publish new documents, all those things that used to happen no longer deal with now it’s as quick as you’re going in a website, you’re making a quick change, and boom, it’s done. You know that that makes a huge difference for us as well.

About Chuck Chettle and Home Smart Industries

I am the Director of Operations at Home Smart Industries as a remodeler, especially a remodeler in the bathroom remodeling and walk-in bathtub business. We’ve been operating as a dealer for Kohler since 2016, I guess 15′ is when it started. 16′ is when it kind of took off officially. We’ve been a dealer for Kohler, one of a small group of I believe 22 dealers across the country representing their products in this very different program for them. Kohler’s been in the, you know, obviously been producing products for over 100 years, but they’ve never really been in the home improvement product, so much from an in-home sales perspective. They’ve never done a dealer program like this. So it’s been a new experience for them it’s been very good for us as well. And their name brings a certain amount of significance in the marketplace that we’re rather happy to take advantage of.

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