August 7, 2020
By Andrew Smith

[On-Demand] 7 Ways Contractors Are Thriving Not Just Surviving in The Low Touch Economy

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A recent study shows that 73% of homeowners are planning a home improvement project this year. Hear what successful contractors are doing to take advantage of home improvement ready homeowners and thrive in the low-touch economy!


  • How they were able to add more appointments to their daily schedules
  • How they expanded their territory
  • Changes made to their sales process
  • And much more!

Workshop Agenda:

Part One: Level Up Your Sales Process and Increase Efficiency

Farith Odar, Manager of Sales, has helped many of the top contractors in the country set up their sales systems in such a way that they did not even skip a beat when this crisis came along. Learn what changes they made, what tools they used, and more in this session.   

Part Two: Steps Contractors Have Taken to Adjust to the Low Touch Economy

Alex Schreiner, Customer Support Manager, and Kaynat Arif, Customer Relations Manager, have helped customers of all sizes set up their entire sales process. And when COVID-19 hit, they trained and taught all of Leap’s contractors how to pivot based on the current environment. Learn what trends they are seeing with successful contractors, what features they are using and how they are setting up their businesses to thrive.

Ask Us Anything!

At the end of this workshop, you will have the opportunity to ask us anything! Whether you have questions about Leap, integrating more technology into your sales process, what features we recommend, or anything else – the sky is the limit! You can submit your questions ahead to time to marketing@leaptodigital.com or ask them during the workshop.

About Leap

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