August 18, 2020
By Andrew Smith

6 Reasons Why Experts Are Saying Home Improvement is Growing During the Pandemic

The home renovation business is booming! A recent Houzz analysis reported a 58% annual increase in project leads for home professionals in June. Check out these 6 articles that all point to a growing Home Improvement industry!

Home remodeling jobs are up as pandemic continues. 

With people traveling less, they’re stuck in their houses sitting on excess funds ready to act on their pushed off remodeling jobs!

Renovations in the bathroom

The New York Times: The Return of Home Renovations. 

Contractors have been allowed to go back to work since June, but with new pandemic protocols in place projects might take longer than usual.

Getting your temp checked

CBS Los Angeles: Home Renovation Business Booming, Even As Pandemic Causes Nationwide Lumber Shortages.

A large number of business sectors have been suffering in the wake of the pandemic but home renovation continues to grow!

CBS Los Angeles report

The Wall Street Journal: The Stay-at-Home Renovation Project. 

Homeowners are finding themselves with more free time than they bargained for, and being stuck at home is revealing more home improvement jobs than they knew they needed.

A man doing renovations in bathroom

Business Insider: Tractor Supply Co. expects home renovation sales to continue this fall – Business Insider. 

“We experienced unprecedented sales,” – Harry Lawton, President, CEO & Director of Tractor Supply Co. Lawton expects a steep upwards trend in home improvement, which is why the chain plans to open 75 to 80 new stores!

Tractor Supply sales are up

Renovating for a New Normal

With many families working and schooling from home, it’s the perfect time for major home renovations…like this families $200,000 addition!

A family beginning renovations

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