August 18, 2020
By Andrew Smith

[Video] 3 Technologies Helping Contractors Thrive in a Remote World

Get actionable insights from tech companies that are helping contracting companies beat their targets despite the situation. From customer relationship management (CRM) to remote measurements, and closing the loop with a digital sales process.

The home improvement industry has been lagging in the area of adopting technology, and prior to COVID-19, it was not unusual for a sales rep to be utilizing carbon-copy contracts or writing up an estimate on a piece of paper. Homeowners are now expecting more from contractors and you need to be prepared to thrive in this environment and take advantage of tools that can help you succeed! Are you adapting?

What you will gain:

  • How to turbo-charge each aspect of the lead flow process
  • Features that will improve your margins & make the most impact on your business 
  • Create a more efficient sales and production process 
  • And more!

Meet the Speakers:

Tom Basch speaker

Tom is the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Leap. As a roofing industry veteran, his experiences allow him to help contractors think bigger, grow smarter, and increase their margins by leveraging innovative technology. ​

Steve Caiman speaker

Steve Caamano is HOVER’s National Sales Director and an industry-recognized expert in the business of exterior home improvement with a decade in the industry. Prior to HOVER, Steve owned an exterior contractor business and was a top roofing salesperson in the Rochester, NY area. ​

Speaker Rachel

Rachel has been a part of the roofing industry for many years skipping between marketing and sales. Now she is over three verticals of marketing with JobNimbus. She is a huge believer in keeping roofers efficient and professional with tech. In her spare time, she is just waiting for the next kick off from her Packers. 

About Leap

Leap is a point-of-sales software that takes multiple steps in your sales process and puts them in one digital resource. With Leap, you can pitch your company with updated marketing materials, pull aerial measurements into Leap to show how much material is needed, select products, present pricing packages, sign contracts, offer financing, and process payments ALL with the homeowner in a single appointment.

  • No more spending hours in spreadsheet hell
  • No more errors and redundancies
  • No more losing time or missing appointments
Leap SalesPro on iPad and iPhone.

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