September 15, 2020
By Shashi Bellamkonda

Pandemic Signals the End of Pen-and-paper Signatures

DocuSign sees exceptional growth as people take to secure electronic signatures in contracts

The remodeling and home services industry has adapted very quickly to virtual meeting tools like Zoom. At the same, time the eSignature business is also booming because homeowners expect an easy way to do paperwork in a touchless manner. One of the leading providers of electronic document signing is DocuSign, which has grown to a $37 billion tech company “worth more than Ford Motor, eBay, or Best Buy according to CNN.

At Leap, we have been part of this growth – now handling more than 3,500 to 4,000 estimates and contracts using DocuSign.

  • Leap’s all-in-one platform is integrated to DocuSign so all information is already entered into DocuSign from your CRM
  • The signed contract also is passed back to your CRM/accounting systems without your sales team having to enter the data multiple times.

Still on the fence about moving to touchless electronic signatures? Home services contractors are adopting technology like Leap faster than before.

  • Leap takes your existing software and integrates it into one platform, taking care of the data and workflow.
  • Leap enables your sales team to handle additional sales calls per day due to streamlined functionality and added efficiency.
  • Leap reduces the time it takes to turn in a contract back to the office in person. Our customers tell us that they have reduced the time from a signature on a contract to production from 2 – 3 days to a few hours.

For the home services industry, a combination of using Leap’s platform with DocuSign is a win-win.

According to the website, The Motley Fool, “With the rise of the pandemic, the need to consummate transactions at a distance has never been greater. DocuSign controls an estimated 70% of the e-signature market.”

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