September 28, 2020
By Andrew Smith

Saving You Time While Doing Away With Double Data Entry & Errors

Filling out contracts and estimates by hand is time-consuming and redundant. You need an efficient way to populate your home improvement contracting proposals, contracts, other documents, and upload settings with information. Document placeholders solve this problem.

Placeholders are placed within a document cell to indicate which fields should be pulled from the estimate to the Contract, Proposal, or other document type.

You can use as many placeholders as you wish and in whatever order within the different values of a document. There are no limitations to how they are setup!

Value of Document Placeholders!

  • Saves Time – Form fills will auto-fill
  • Ability to share different information among documents
  • Cleaner more professional look while in the home or virtual
  • Reduces double data and potential for errors

Already a Leap Customer?

Interested in getting set up and running so your proposals, contracts, other documents, are auto-filling? Click below and check out our paid service, Pro Services, which covers all the technical aspects of getting Leap setup and customized for your business, while you get to focus on your business!

If you’re tech savvy or have someone on staff that manages your Leap Dashboard, below are some how to pages to help your home improvement contracting company get setup with placeholders!

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