October 19, 2020
By Andrew Smith

Subscription-Based Cloud Software That Benefits Your Entire Residential Contracting Company


Leap is subscription-based cloud software that can be used by residential contracting companies of any size, leveling the playing field for small home services businesses and propelling large home improvement companies!

What is Leap?

  • Get rid of redundancies and errors that slow down your sales process!
  • Change orders can be completed in minutes with DocuSign and digital documents.
  • Estimates, contracts, digital documents, on the spot financing, and more!
  • Get a leg up on your competition, scale, and grow your business – all while simplifying the sales process!

What Contractors Say About Leap

“We have really upped our game in the field, and our industry in fact. Our project managers are more professional, they’ve built more trust with our customers. The contracts are clear and we’ve reduced countless errors. That is huge! We’ve saved a lot of time in process improvements for our sales team and for our office.”

Stacey Barlow, Sales & Marketing AM, RetroFoam

Benefits of Leap

  • Display all your products in-app with remote price adjustability
  • Products and color options only appear when available
  • Experience-enhancing branded digital estimates and contracts
  • Measurement tools to save time and prevent mismeasures
  • High-speed data transfer to the office, CRM, and production
  • The ability to close the deal, accept payments, and update orders instantly

Being error-free saves time and money, so let’s hop on a call and see if we’re a good fit!

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