November 11, 2020
By Andrew Smith

Happy Veterans Day From Leap

To all veterans of all branches, we would like to say thank you for your sacrifice, your service, your bravery, and your inspiration to put others before yourself.

Veterans at Leap

A very big and special thank you to these fine veterans that are a pleasure to work with! Although they served in different branches of the government, they present themselves with the same level of integrity that not only makes everyone at Leap proud to be their team members but also proud to be their fellow Americans!

Todd Johnson
US Navy: Operations Specialist 2nd Class (SW)

Thomas Basch
US Marine Corps: E-5, Sergeant, Supply Chain Manager

Chris Mozingo
USAF, Airman 1st Class

Jon Byrd
USAF, Senior Airmen, Security Forces

5 Lessons From Tom’s Military Experience

In this Interview Series, Thomas Basch, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Leap, reflects on his time in the military. Tom dives deep, covering everything from old military stories to how a hero and leader are made. Click below to read how Tom was able to take his military experience and turn it into 5 lessons that you can use to survive and thrive during a time of crisis.

Thomas Basch: “Planning for a crisis is important”

Listen to Tom on Leaps & Bounds

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