November 19, 2020
By Andrew Smith

Contractor Master Class: 4 Key Areas that have Helped Top Contractors Succeed

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According to a recent Google Survey, in the past two years the number of homeowners who want an end-to-end digital experience has doubled from 36% in 2018 to 62% in 2019. In 2020, companies that were already creating this experience did not see a dip in their business despite the pandemic. 

Additional complications from manufacturing disruptions and the resulting pricing changes need not be complicated using technology.  This Leap Master Class covers 4 key areas that have helped top contractors succeed!  

Workshop Agenda

Session 1: 5 Elements to Optimizing Presentations (25 minutes) 

Learn how to create presentations that will engage homeowners and amplify your brand in powerful ways.

Session 2: Best Practices: From CRM to Sales (25 minutes) 

CRM’s are a tremendous tool for your sales team. Learn how to get the most out of your system and create a simple and efficient sales process. 

Session 3: Benefits of Digital Documents During the Pandemic (25 minutes) 

Enhance your company’s professional image with digital documents! Combine all your documents into one contract, automatically upload them into your CRM, and create work orders seamlessly. Best of all — no more duplicate data entry!

Session 4: Top 4 Ways to Manage your Product Data Easily (25 minutes)

1. How to Handle Out-of-Stock Items: In addition to shutdowns, the pandemic has brought additional delays in production and resulted in less inventory available. Learn how you can manage product updates from one central location and easily tell your reps what products are out of stock or delayed.  

2. Managing Your Price List: What does it mean for your margins if sales reps are selling off of an old price sheet? Learn how you can quickly and universally update your pricing as needed with just a few clicks!   

3. Make changes to documents across the company quickly – No more running after the sales team to collect the latest version!  

4. Add additional products easily when you open a new line of business.

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