December 19, 2020
By Shashi Bellamkonda

Remodeling Projects Holding the Line for 2021

Source: Qualified Remodeler Magazine: October 2020

After the initial reduction in activity of stay-at-home orders in March and April, the home improvement industry benefited more than others by being both essential and by consumers paying more attention to their homes.

An excellent article in the Qualified Remodeler magazine by Patrick O’Toole provides insights for 2021 for all Remodeling and Home Improvement business owners.

Here are some takeaways from the article:

  • Initially in 2020 flow of leads had dramatically risen
  • Without offline events, most home improvement companies made use of low-cost TV, radio, print, and online advertising opportunities to get leads
  • The abundance of contracts and better close rates also caused scheduling to get delayed
  • More home improvement companies are now seeking to hire more installers which is a challenge despite the high unemployment in other industries
  • Companies are using better techniques to communicate the delays caused by backlogged supply chain and production shortages to prevent high rescission rates

At Leap, we have seen that the home improvement industry adopted more than 10 years’ worth of technology in just a few months. Rapidly deploying virtual selling, digital signatures, secure electronic payments, and marketing techniques to show the safety and social distancing efforts that were adopted.

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