December 22, 2020
By Andrew Smith

Home Improvement Marketing Trends for 2021

The home improvement industry has seen a huge growth in response to consumers spending more time at home. Watch on-demand as this panel of industry experts sits down for a virtual round table to discuss:

  • Lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid in 2021 (even though we hope disruption on this type never occurs again)
  • Trends that contractors need to pay attention to in the new year
  • Recruitment tactics to combat the labor shortage
  • The changing role of technology in the sales process
  • How you should be planning your marketing in 2021

Meet the Panel:

Erika Taylor

Director of Content

Pro Remodeler Magazine

Vicki Kiger

Marketing Director

Exterior Source

Greta Bajrami

CEO & Founder

Golden Group Roofing

Mac Macleod



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