February 8, 2021
By Andrew Smith

Remodeling Mastery with Mark Richardson | Post COVID

A podcast intended to help you think about your business and where you’re heading.

Remodeling mastery is a podcast series by Author, Speaker, and Advisor, Mark Richardson, intended to help you take your game to the next level. Sometimes the topics are tactical while other times they are strategy focused, but oftentimes it is to provide a wider perspective of what is going on in the world and home improvement industry.

Episode: Post COVID

This episode is not stating whether we are already post COVID or not but is taking an opportunity to think about how our industry will be affected post-COVID. Just as we all worked together to try and pivot to get ahead of the pandemic, Mark is looking into how we can get ahead and pivot for a post-pandemic world.

3 Post COVID topics to focus on

  • Consumer Demand – Is there another tidal wave coming?
  • Managing Your backlog – How do you compete with low backlog?
  • Project Shifts – Will there be shifts in types of projects?
Remodeling Mastery Podcast with Mark Richardson

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