March 1, 2021
By Andrew Smith

[Watch Now] Integrate to Engage: Become a 4-Hour Contractor

On this webinar, Tech Expert Steve Stencil highlights typical key software systems that contractors use throughout the sales and production process to become efficient and error-free 4-Hour Contractors. Viewers will learn ways that contractors can work together to create scalability, save time, and elevate their professional image. Watch now to hear all about all the benefits integrations will bring to your company on the whole, your team, and the impact it will have for homeowners!

Topics Discussed:   

  • How to save time and resources for all project stakeholders.
  • Benefits of integrating CRM, measurement, supplier inventory, and financing software onto a unified platform.
  • Cutting down on redundancy, errors, and eliminating antiquated paperwork.
  • Using tech integration to elevate your sales staff to the next-level.

Meet the Speaker!

Steve Stencil is the creator of the Leap product family and has been actively developing the Leap app for over 10 years. With a background rich in both sales and software development, he ensures the product solves relevant and familiar problems in the marketplace. Having spent 7+ years selling in the home, he provides a unique perspective into the functional needs of an app that improves sales efficiencies, streamlines the internal operations of a business, and maximizes your customer’s experience. 

Steve Stencil

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