March 2, 2021
By Andrew Smith

Mark Richardson’s 6 Questions to Help Guide Homeowners

Mark Richardson, discusses how every remodeling and home improvement client is unique and in order to best position yourself to close the sale, you need to ask the right questions. In this article published by ProRemodeler, Mark dives into how “asking the right questions allows you to control the process”, and get the outcome that both you and the client are looking for.

Mark’s 6 Questions

  1. When would you like to wake up in your new master suite?
  2. What research have you done for this project?
  3. Why are you thinking about tackling this project now?
  4. Would it be helpful if…? OR “Have you considered …?
  5. Have you ever lived through a remodel before?
  6. Have you thought about the level of investment you want to put into this project?

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Guiding Prospects to The Best Decision

Click the link below to continue reading why each of these questions work so well.

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ProRemodeler Article Snippet - The Power of Questions

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