March 4, 2021
By Andrew Smith

Update to Latest iOS Version

It is exciting to see the new Apple iOS updates, and at Leap we leverage new iOS features to help optimize our software and improve the user experience. If you are still using iOS 12 (or earlier) we recommend that you update to iOS 13 or the latest version. Our upgrade advice is not just for your Leap usage, the new versions of iOS include several security updates that you will want to take advantage of. 

It is also important to keep your Leap App updated to the latest version. We are hard at work making improvements and fixing bugs along the way, plus we have some exciting updates that will be rolling out this year.

What if I do not upgrade to at least iOS 13?

  1. If you have the Leap app installed in your iPad and have not upgraded your iOS, you can continue to use the app, but you may not get the next version of Leap. 
  1. If you need to install or reinstall the app it may not be available in the app store. 

Will Leap help me upgrade?

  1. Apple has made it extremely easy to upgrade. Here’s how to upgrade!
  1. The upgrade needs physical access to your device and so the user is the best person to perform the upgrade.

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