March 9, 2021
By Andrew Smith

What Home Improvement Specialists Recommend Contractors Prepare for in 2021

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As virtual interaction and remote working become increasingly commonplace, homeowners are coming face-to-face with new living space demands for work, exercise, schooling, recreation, and habitation. 

In this Trend Forecast discussion, Home Improvement Industry specialists Alex Robinson and Amy Dugan share their projections for trends and hot-buttons that contractors should prepare for in the year ahead. Homeowners are plowing into 2021 with a whole new set of demands and expectations. Make sure your sales team is prepared!

Discussion Objectives

  • To position your company and sales team as in-the-know, consultative experts.
  • To update your knowledge on current and upcoming home contracting trends.
  • To gain a strategic advantage over your competition.
  • To proactively prepare your supply/manufacturer game plan for guaranteed access to in-demand materials.

Meet the Speakers

Alex Robinson is currently a Real Estate Specialist for KellerWilliams serving the Greater Philadelphia Area and a Private Remodel and Design Consultant, specializing in new and used home buyers relocating from urban to rural areas. Earlier in his entrepreneurial career, he was the founder and owner of Alex-Robi LLC, a boutique marketing company serving exclusively all-natural and organic vendors in the retail grocer sector.

Alex Robinson

Amy Dugan is an Exterior Remodeling Consultant and Real Estate Agent of the Greater Philadelphia Area. Amy specializes in exterior renovations including roofing, siding, doors, and windows. She enjoys practicing yoga, running, and cooking.

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