March 10, 2021
By Andrew Smith

[Watch Now] New Techniques for Prompt Communication: Homeowners Expect Better

On this webinar, communication professionals Tom Basch and Josh Carter share tips and templates to help contractors improve their communications skills with homeowners, leading to higher reviews and increased referrals. Viewers will learn best practices for prompt an effective communication to implement during the initial incoming lead, expectation setting/warming phase, at the actual appointment, and after the appointment. Watch now to hear all about all the benefits improved communication skills will bring to your company’s operations, reputation, and satisfied customers.


  • Templates and processes to set more appointments with new leads
  • Tips to “warm” the appointment and set the right expectations
  • What top-performing reps are doing during and after the appointment to crush their quota
  • The updates you must provide post-sale to get 5-star reviews and referrals

Meet the Speakers!

Tom Basch
Head of Customer Experience, Leap

As Head of CX, Tom is responsible for being the foremost authority on Leap’s customer experience by understanding Leap’s product usability, competitive position, and partner ecosystem.

Josh Carter
Marketing Manager, Hatch

Josh analyzes what works…and what doesn’t…in contractor sales processes to help teams sell more with less.

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