March 12, 2021
By Andrew Smith

Are You Making Maintenance & Durability Your Top Priority?

Year over year there has been a pattern of increased volatility in weather across the country. In this article by Qualified Remodeler, Emily Blackburn touches on how “roofing remains a constant, unavoidable product homeowners and contractors must contend with, and how manufacturers are working to make maintenance and durability their top priority.”

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“People want a roof that not only has long-lasting curb appeal but also has comprehensive protection for their home.”
Davis Ellis, GAF VP of Marketing

According to Qualified Remodeler and industry insight, the increase in volatile weather has caused “the need for predictability, leading many homeowners to focus on their roofs in the last year, choosing to prioritize their biggest asset.”

Key Topics Touched On

  • Volatility of Nature
  • Performance Innovation
  • Reflecting on Efficiency
  • COVID Adaptations

For Davis Ellis, GAF VP of Marketing, the most valuable development he’s seen in the last year has been the use of digital tools and technologies.

“These technologies are also finally coming together for contractors on singular platforms that help accelerate their ability to serve customers in a high-quality, virtual sales experience. [These offerings] help provide contractors with greater insight across their sales team, delivering more consistent sales and service to customers.”

Davis Ellis, GAF VP of Marketing

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