March 12, 2021
By Andrew Smith

Color Me Surprised! Home design trends in 2021.

Homeowners care most about the project budget and product quality. Since covid, working from home and remote learning have become commonplace. Many homeowners find themselves being much pickier on design. If they have to stare at their house all day, they want to like what they see. Last Tuesday, home remodeling consultants Amy Dugan and Alex Robinson spoke with us at Leap and shared their projections for 2021’s most popular design trends.

What is IN…

  • ‘Board and Batten’ interior accent walls
  • Warmer, beige tones for interior walls, replacing the prevalent greys we have seen a lot the past couple of years
  • Wineberry for exterior doors
  • Regatta Blue for exterior siding
  • Classic, clean white for trim and molding
  • Black or dark slate grey for roofing (and window framing when possible)

Dianne from South Carolina wrote in to ask…

“What color of cabinets is in the new trend?  The white has
been so popular but some are putting in the wood tones again.”

Amy Dugan specialist
Door color trends
A home design trend

“I am seeing many of my clients opt to DIY restore their existing wooden kitchen cabinets, either painting or stripping, and staining, and putting the money saved towards the more complex home upgrades. I think white will remain a popular cabinet choice while the open, light, and breezy home-feel remain popular. But also adding definition is big, like the board and batten I mentioned, or wainscoting textures.”

-Amy Dugan, Remodeling Design Specialist

Watch the trend forecast

Alex Robinson, Real Estate Analyst, and Amy Dugan, Exterior Remodeling Consultant, explore the home design and remodel trends your clients and prospects will be asking for in the upcoming busy season!