April 1, 2021
By Andrew Smith

Expand Your Skillset: Guided Workshop for Visually Enhanced Contracts

Farith Odar, Sales Manager at Leap, and former Marketing Manager at Nu Look Home Design, over 10 years experience in Residential Contracting.

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People use visualizations to make large-scale decisions – home renovations are big decisions!

Join digital software wizard Farith Odar for a start to finish workshop on creating visually enhanced contracts that will wow customers. 

Incorporating visual elements into contracts allows you and your customers to define project scope, cut down on potential miscommunications, and reach an agreement faster!  

Learning Objective

  • To expand home improvement contractor knowledge and skillset of utilizing visuals within contracts.

After completing the workshop, viewers will be able to…

  • Upgrade the quality and value of their contracts.
  • Incorporate photos, markups, diagrams, and more visual enhancements into contracts.
  • Increase their credibility and professionalism.
  • Verify the accuracy of project specifications with customers.