April 7, 2021
By Andrew Smith

Exclusive Interview – Rob Baker’s Journey into Digital

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Tune in on Tuesday, April 13 at 1 pm EST for an exclusive interview with Home Improvement Sales Leader Rob Baker to see how adopting digital tools and strategies over the last ten years got his company to the top! Rob will dissect his technology experiences, tips, and lessons learned throughout his digital journey – insights profitable to all contractor specialties.

You wouldn’t chisel a contract into slate. So why do some contractors still conduct business by paper? Newly developed digital tools and technologies now allow roofers, siding, flooring, and window contractors to revolutionize how they do their job.

Key Topics for Discussion

  • Technology integrations and strategies that streamline contractor processes.
  • Benefits of digitizing contracting processes to expedite to production phase.
  • Mitigating risk using photos and timestamping.
  • Using digital modes of communication to maintain backlog fulfillment pace.
  • Reducing redundancy and elimination of errors with CRM and automations.