April 13, 2021
By Andrew Smith

9 Ways to Shorten Backlog and Improve Customer Experience

An overwhelming majority of the Home Improvement Industry has a lot of work to complete over the next few months, thanks to delays from covid and resources. To help turn your backlog curse into a blessing, John Kenney from Cotney Consulting will talk us through 9 of the latest and most significant strategies that owners and managers can put into action right away and safely navigate the months ahead.  

Topics for Discussion

  • Balancing customer demands and incoming prospects to maintain business momentum. 
  • Modifying communication tactics to address stakeholder priorities. 
  • Implementing a flexible plan of action that utilizes critical documentation.
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Meet the Presenter

John Kenney, CEO & Author

John H. Kenney III has worked for multiple Top 100 Roofing Contractors and is intimately familiar with all aspects of roofing production, estimates, operations, sales, marketing, and overall business processes. During his tenure, John ran business units associated with delivering excellent workmanship and unparalleled customer service while ensuring healthy net profits for his company.  

CEO & Author John Kenney, holding his book: The Blueprint to Your Business
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