April 16, 2021
By Andrew Smith

Scope & Leap Integration Speeds up Project Estimating for Busy Home Services Professionals

Strategic partnership will allow for unparalleled customer experience and faster quote turnaround times

Denver, CO – April 15, 2021 Scope Technologies and Leap have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Scope’s industry-leading aerial and blueprint building envelope measurement data with Leap’s digital sales and project management application.

Busy home services professionals working with homeowners on roofing, siding, gutter, insulation, concrete, paint, and other projects need to deliver fast and accurate project quotes. With the Scope-Leap integration, professionals can use Scope’s aerial and blueprint measurement data for simple, remote measuring. The measurements can then be imported into Leap to build an accurate total project estimate to be emailed to customers or uploaded to a company’s CRM.

Digitizing the entire process of measuring, quoting, and delivering estimates to customers not only improves safety and efficiency for home services professionals, it also decreases project turn-around time. With home services projects still top-of-mind during the pandemic, reducing wasted time means more satisfied customers and more revenue in-home service provider pockets.

“Scope continues to maintain the most accurate building envelope measurements with the industry’s quickest turnaround times,” said Jerod Raisch, Scope Technologies’ CEO. “Our integration with Leap gives home services professionals a competitive advantage by streamlining time-intensive and manual processes, enabling fully automated digital estimating and creating a seamless customer experience.”

“Integrating Scope Technologies’ data capabilities into the Leap platform strengthens our digital abilities and offerings for customers,” says Patrick Fingles, CEO of Leap. “ Our partnership with Scope Technologies is representative of the continued digital evolution within the home improvement and home services industries. Especially in times like these when home improvement projects are increasing, time is of the essence and this partnership will help contractors exceed customer expectations.”

Leap will also become part of the Scope Technologies Ecosystem, a network of partnerships that provide proprietary access to Scope data within the Leap platform, further enhancing project management and the homeowner experience. For more information go to https://leaptodigital.com/partner/scope-technologies/.

About Scope Technologies

Scope Technologies has provided outstanding aerial and blueprint measurement reports since 2014. Founded by a construction industry veteran, Scope Technologies has been a leading provider of building envelope measurement reports and estimating software to help contractors save time, land more jobs, and increase annual revenues. The company’s large data sets allow for rapid advancements in AI and machine learning, giving the company the ability to continue to drive advancements in its current products and develop new disruptive products for its clients in the construction and insurance industries. Learn more at www.myscopetech.com and follow Scope Technologies on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

About Leap

Leap is a subscription-based software that home service contractors use to digitize their business – digital contracts, estimates, documents, financing, and more! Integrating with top home improvement software, Leap eliminates redundancies and errors that slow down your sales process and brings together everything in one place. Learn more at www.leaptodigital.com and follow Leap on social media:Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Podcast