April 28, 2021
By Andrew Smith

HIP2021: The Most Powerful Home Improvement Industry Seminar

Three days of power-packed training is what awaits you at The Home Improvement Profitability Summit. This is the pre-eminent event for owners, and managers in the home improvement, remodeling, or home services industries looking to improve their business immediately.

You will hear from the top trainers from Dave Yoho Associates, as well as numerous industry experts. You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered directly. There will also be abundant role play on issues dealing with sales, marketing, and recruiting/hiring. Finally, we will be holding our motivational industry sales program for the first time since 2017. You won’t want to miss it!

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Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles
Chantilly, VA


Tuesday – Thursday
June 22-24, 2021

Why Attend?

Powerful Training

Powerful training from Dave Yoho Associates’ Account Executives.

Expert Speakers

You will learn from respected industry experts the latest tactics for improving profitability.


Each session is designed to leave ample room for questions from attendees.


Various opportunities to meet directly with one of our team of Account Executives.


Engage fellow attendees & take advantage of their knowledge and experience.

Actionable Items

Easy-to-use information that you can implement immediately in your business.


Dave Yoho

Dave Yoho Associates

Dave founded a roofing company at age 28, which eventually operated with 22 branches in 13 states and in the early 1970’s had a volume of $60 million. His ideas and counseling have brought success to thousands. Dave’s experience representing Fortune 500 companies as well as entrepreneurs gives him a rich history of profit improvements, turn-arounds and in-depth problem solving.

He is the President of the oldest, largest and most successful consulting company representing industry businesses. He has appeared in over 150 training videos. He is the author of the best-selling book: Have a Great Year Every Year (Oakhill Press). His company developed the sales methods which are used by the most successful people in the industry.

Joe Talmon

Dave Yoho Associates

Joe started his in-home career selling Rainbow vacuum cleaners at the age of 17. He began working in the home improvement industry, and quickly progressed through the ranks before becoming owner of a a substantial window retail operation which averaged annual sales of $10 million to $12 million in the high-end window and siding category.

Joe joined Dave Yoho Associates and he has subsequently developed sales and marketing programs for both large and mid-sized companies. He brings a rarely-seen passion in working with companies and running training meetings.

Rick Mcintire

Dave Yoho Associates

Specializing in start-ups and turnarounds, Rick has more than 40 years of successful experience in direct selling environments, and more than 30 years in sales management and general management. He served for 15 years on the Executive Management team of Champion Window Company, which at that time, was one of the largest home improvement companies in the United States.  He has since been brought on as a Senior Account Executive with Dave Yoho Associates.

He is an engaging trainer and public speaker known for his persuasive optimism.  A former Navy diver, Rick’s drive and self-discipline rarely leave challenges unanswered. He finds great satisfaction helping people and organizations develop the skills, processes and techniques necessary to achieve optimum success.

Brian Gottlieb

Tundraland Home Improvements

Brian is the Founder and CEO of Tundraland Home Improvements, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Their essential product lines are bath refitting and replacement windows. They operate with 58 salespeople and did over $75 million in 2020. He is an inspirational business owner with nearly four decades of experience in sales, marketing and business leadership. His innovative approach to community-conscious business practices has not gone unnoticed, as Tundraland has been named the best place in Wisconsin to work. In addition to Brian being a Guinness World Record holder, the USA Today’s news network named him “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Brian’s goal as a business owner is to create something that is more than just a home improvement company; a brand that’s woven into the fabric of the community. Brian was recently inducted as a “Legend” of the home improvement industry and after several years of continuing education, he recently became an Alumni of Harvard Business School.

Chris Counahan

Leaf Home Solutions

Chris manages Leaf’s growing network of customer service delivery centers and sales teams, consisting of almost a hundred field managers and over 700 sales representatives. He has helped drive the expansion of Leaf and sustain high-quality direct-to-consumer sales and installation services in all field locations.

Before joining the company in June 2012, Chris served as the VP of Sales at Owens Corning, a global leader in insulation, roofing and composites, for over 11 years. Prior to his tenure at Owens Corning, Chris worked as a Sales Manager at Erie Construction.

Joe Ronzino

JRON Consulting Corporation

Joe has been in the home improvement industry since the mid-seventies. He started with a regional manufacturer of replacement windows and progressed to the door, sunroom and patio room industry. There, he had an active role in all elements of the business: purchasing, installation, customer service, as well as, overseeing the hiring and training of sales and marketing personnel. Later, he oversaw the retail division for a major sunroom company with seven locations.

Subsequently, he worked with a major manufacturer in creating and maintaining a successful retail operation in the greater NY Metropolitan area. Today, he acts as an independent consultant, actively troubleshooting for large, established companies, and advising them on the changes they need to undergo to become competitive and profitable in an ever changing economy. He is currently a shareholder/investor in numerous Renewal by Andersen locations.

Frank Farmer

American Metal Roofs (AMR) and Metal Roofing Consultants

Frank is the founder and President of American Metal Roofs (AMR) and Metal Roofing Consultants. Trained as a physician, Frank has used his medical knowledge to develop methods of analyzing and staging a home’s health. During the process, he creates emotion that is crucial for an impactful and profitable sales presentation.

In 2013, Frank was appointed to the Board of Governors for the Home Improvement Professional Executive Council (HIPEC). Frank also sits on the Board of the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) providing sales and marketing guidance to North American metal roofing manufactures and contractors. In 2018, Frank received the “Legends of the Home Improvement” award for his leadership and development of the residential metal roofing industry. His reputation as a business innovator and problem solver has made him a recognized authority throughout the industry.

Dave Azer


Dave is a highly skilled, results-oriented sales and marketing executive with over 20 years of diverse experience in fast-paced home improvement and building materials markets. He is currently the Vice President of Marketing for Jacuzzi.

Dave has consistently created new and innovative marketing programs incorporating call center, internet, social media, field marketing, and traditional marketing programs. He is an outstanding communicator and negotiator with the ability to influence key decision-makers and close lucrative deals. He excels at strategic planning, organizational, problem solving, and leadership skills.

John Pohl

Spring Connect Call Center

John is Owner and President of Springs Connect Call Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He is also an Account Executive with Dave Yoho Associates. Springs Connect is an outsource call center that only works with industry companies. John has worked in and managed home improvement call centers since his college years when he worked for one of the largest window manufacturers setting cold call leads.

Over the past 40 years, his distinguished track record includes working as a Call Center Director for several of the industry’s top companies before he opened Springs Connect a few years ago. His company specializes in qualifying and scheduling leads from old databases.

Chris Behan

Socius Marketing

Chris has been in the internet lead generation industry for over 19 years and is an expert in all aspects of internet marketing, including search engine optimization, remarketing campaigns, and reputation management. As the President of Socius Marketing, one of the largest and fastest growing Internet marketing firms in the country, Chris understands why online lead generation is crucial to the success of any business. Chris’ familiarity with the industry, how companies operate, their products and service offerings, and the wants and needs of their customers, allows him to provide tailored solutions to their unique Internet marketing challenges.

Brian Kaskavalciyan

gFour Marketing Group Inc.

Brian is an entrepreneur and marketing strategist specializing within the home improvement and remodeling industries. He has worked with companies ranging from start-ups to 50-million dollar enterprises. As an entrepreneur, he owned five separate home improvement companies, one of which he developed into a multi-million franchise operation.

Brian is the Founder and lead marketing strategist of gFour Marketing Group, a strategic marketing firm that specializes in providing “Done For You” sales and marketing programs to industry companies. Brian has created a number of turnkey marketing programs, including the award-winning 1into5™ Program to help home improvement companies develop customers for life. He also runs the highly successful company, The Wealthy Contractor, which provides numerous resources to help industry professionals.

Mark Highbaugh

Mark has over 25 years of broad business leadership and technology development experience. He has nearly two decades of practical industry experience and has served on the strategic planning team of a Fortune 100 company. As President of a real estate construction company, Mark created an award winning organization that eventually earned over $15 million in annual revenue.

Over the past eight years, Mark has combined his practical experience in home improvement with his knowledge in the mobile marketing and communications industry.  As CEO and Chief Strategist of Marlimar Mobile Solutions, he implements communication solutions throughout North America to a variety of groups including home improvement and remodeling companies, billion dollar corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Tim Musch


Tim is the Director of Business Development for MarketSharp Software located in La Crosse, WI. Prior to that, he spent 15 years gaining experience in a family-owned remodeling business in Central Wisconsin. He knows and understands your business on a first-hand basis. The MarketSharp computerized marketing solutions system was developed for and is utilized by over 2000 of the country’s most successful remodelers and specialty home improvement companies.  Tim has spent over 20 years developing and refining computerized database marketing systems for this industry.

D.S. Berenson

D.S. serves as general and special counsel to contractors, remodeling industry manufacturers, trade associations, as well as banks and consumer lenders. His experience includes the Office of Chief Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

A frequent lecturer and author, D.S. was one of nine attorneys honored in the 2005 Forbes Magazine: “Special Tribute to America’s Best Lawyers”. He is the author of Pratt’s State Law and Regulation of Closed-End Credit, a six-volume treatise of installment sale practices.

Event Agenda

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