September 21, 2021
By Ashish Sanal

The Sales Transformation with Ryan Groth

Season 2 : Episode 2 – The Sales Transformation

On this episode, I’m joined by Ryan Groth, Founder of Sales Transformation Group. As someone who grew up in the industry, Ryan saw first-hand the impact of not having a predictable, consistent sales system in place. After his time playing professional baseball, Ryan found his passion in helping others and advancing the profession. Listen as he shares some of his insights and advice for business owners and sales professionals alike. We’ll dive into topics such as creating vision, hiring, and how processes and technology contribute to your success.

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The Guest Speaker

Ryan Groth, Founder of Sales Transformation Group, Inc. is a family man, former professional baseball player, and sales trainer helping the construction industry move from reactive to proactive and build winning sales teams. Growing up with his mom and step dad’s custom home building company, Ryan saw the highs and lows of a family business. After he played professional baseball and transitioned to his career, he connected with an innovative
commercial roofing contractor who wanted to sell a sales management CRM program. After Ryan implemented the system, he found that his passion for coaching and training the people using the system was the key to helping create results. His coaching skills took off and that’s how Sales Transformation Group, Inc. was birthed. His high energy and authentic approach has helped him partner with hundreds of teams in creating high performing sales producers.

Our Host

Thomas Basch, Head of Customer Experience at Leap. Starting in this industry 20 years ago, Tom never realized what went into making a home-improvement business successful. Now, having met with thousands of contractors, helping adopt technology, and watching them grow, he’s excited to invite in a variety of guests

Thomas Basch, Leap's Head of Customer Experience

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