November 16, 2021
By Danielle Basch

Make New Traditions This Holiday Season

Modernize Your Sales Process While Keeping Traditions Alive

The holidays are here and this year, people are excited to create new traditions with family and friends. The Holiday Season gives everyone a chance to reconnect and reflect on the past year. While we get back to old traditions in our homes, there’s still room for new traditions (or technology) in our businesses too.

Join home improvement contractors everywhere who use Leap to save time so you can spend more of it with your family during the holiday season. Call us today 844-370-5327!

Leap has helped thousands of contractors shift their paper sales process to a digital one providing transparency and efficiency before and during the pandemic. As we come to the Holiday Season and move into the winter months, start new traditions by shifting away from paper estimates and workflows to a digitized sales process.  

How Do You Modernize to Meet the Demands of Today’s Digital-First Homeowner While While Keeping Tradition?  

Efficiency | Work up estimates faster in the home. Faster estimates mean your reps can run more leads. More leads mean they can close more deals. Spend less time making updates to your pricing and contracts and training your sales team on the changes with automated version control within the Leap app. 

High Close Rates | Put controls on your pricing and discounting to keep your reps from over-inflating your costs, which means more competitive offers, which means higher close rates. Keep all your notes and measurements in the app so your reps can run successful close re-hash deals.  

Training & Retention of Sales Reps | Get your new reps productive faster with a standardized, repeatable sales process. Attract talented reps who are going to grow your business. Ensure all your reps have access to the most up-to-date and relevant materials in a single, secure location at all times. Keep your team up-to-date on any changes to your pricing by syncing your pricing and maintain version control on the Leap estimate generator 

Start a New Tradition with Leap this Holiday Season! 

About Leap

Leap is a subscription-based software that home service contractors use to digitize their business – digital contracts, estimates, documents, financing, and more! Integrating with top home improvement software, Leap eliminates redundancies and errors that slow down your sales process and brings together everything in one place. www.leaptodigital.com

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