November 30, 2021
By Danielle Basch

Customer Interactions Post-Pandemic

4 Tips to Help Facilitate Conversations with Homeowners

Have you had more uncomfortable conversations with homeowners more recently than ever before due to material shortages, changing timelines, and uncontrollable delays? Homeowners may be feeling stressed, annoyed, and impatient. Maya Angelou said it best, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  

This month in Roofing Contractor eMagazine, Patrick Fingles, Industry Expert and Leap CEO, gives 4 tips for homeowner conversations post-pandemic. Patrick explains how you can communicate delays and pricing changes to impress homeowners, protect your relationship, and make them feel like you are giving them the best service possible. 

Patrick’s Tips for Post-Pandemic Homeowner Conversations 

  1. Don’t assume homeowners are aware of pandemic-related shortages or delays 
  2. Clearly communicate delays or potential price increases – and don’t sit on bad news
  3. Ensure all parts of your business are communicating the same message to homeowners
  4. Leverage software to stay organized and transparent with homeowners 

While communicating with homeowners in regards to the post pandemic economy is one thing, dealing with the material and labor shortage to make your business run smoothly is another. Watch the below webinar to help you learn different strategies and software to help you manage and calculate backlog to give homeowners a better experience.  

Recent Webinar: How To Better Navigate the Labor Shortage & Manage Backlog  

Successful Contractors Use Leap to Help Homeowners Make Decisions 

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