Angi & Leap

Angi and Leap have partnered to bring contractors targeted leads directly into their workflow. Automatically pull in and process Angi Leads in one complete platform and turn those leads into sales faster and easier than ever before.

Everything You Need to Run & Grow Your Business in One Central Location

Control the Chaos of Project Management

Watch data flow seamlessly from one stage to the next. Track every step of the project in one easy-to-use application. From prospect to project completion, gain total control over your workflow.

Control the Chaos of Project Management
Seamless Teamwork & Communication

Seamless Teamwork & Communication

Set up real-time lead alerts to notify sales reps or teams the moment a new lead is captured, so they can respond promptly. Company-wide collaboration and homeowner communications have never been easier or faster.

Convert More Prospects into Customers

Automate lead capture, routing, distribution, and prioritization to the appropriate sales rep to drive a winning strategy that maximizes the chances of closing a sale.

Convert More Prospects Into Customers

Increase Your Speed to Lead with Angi & Leap

Simplify Your Lead Generation

Never go hunting for targeted leads again. Through the power of Angi Leads and Leap, you get access to homeowners ready to buy right at your fingertips.

Turn Leads into Customers

Leap helps you convert Angi Leads faster and easier than ever before. All the information you need to close the deal is automatically passed from the Angi Lead directly into Leap.

Automate Your Workflow

From prospect to project completion, Leap’s customizable workflow tools give you the power to build and automate your processes as soon as an Angi Lead comes in.

Control the Chaos

Growing your business doesn’t have to feel chaotic. Manage leads, create referral customers, earn more on every deal, and control the chaos with Angi and Leap.

How It Works

Go to “Settings” in Leap, then scroll down and click on the “Partners / Integrations” tab on the left.

Then, click on the “Angi Leads” tab and click the “Connect” button.

Finally, type in your Angi Leads account number and then click the “Connect” button.

What Our Customers Say

“We didn’t realize all the opportunities we were missing out on before Leap. Everything being so easily accessible has given us the opportunity to win more jobs.”

– Jonathan L., Capterra review

“Easily the best and most customizable CRM for the industry… Their app is second to none and the desktop platform makes following jobs a breeze!”

– Zach L., Capterra review

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