Leap iOS Application — 1.5.4

New Features

  • External PDF files can now be added to documents
  • Categories can now have unique markups


  • Attachments can now be searched across users
  • UI improvements to how customer phone numbers and email addresses are added to estimates
  • Price guide section of application now supports deep drill-downs


  • Corrected issue where identically named parts of a deep drill-down at different levels caused empty categories to display
  • Application now displays correctly for devices in dark mode
  • Corrected issue when price guide was rotated and appeared to be empty due to default sizing
  • Placeholders now displaying correctly in signature box
  • Corrected issue where the office name was incorrectly displayed when searching previous estimates
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Corrected display issue where dates near the end of December would display incorrect year
  • Corrected issue where main menu turned gray after closing a document or resource