Leap iOS Application — 1.6.0

New Features

  • Payment capture cells now support sending payment requests in addition to immediate payment method captures to support fully remote sales presentations with payment


  • Support for text-formula contract cell types
  • Added automatic formatting to phone numbers in the contacts


  • Corrected visual bug where long app notes would not display properly
  • Corrected bug in category-level formulae calculation where the totals were not being calculated correctly in some formula implementations
  • Misc bugfixes to further improve application stability
  • Corrected issue where the app would crash with a large number of photos in a photo selector and rapid manipulation of the selector
  • Corrected issue where app was unable to “Save as Copy”
  • Corrected issue where certain cells would stop responding after extended periods of filling out forms
  • Corrected issue where certain conditions would cause the NSCache system to malfunction