Leap iOS Application — 1.6.1

New Features

  • Payment capture now supports Canadian zip codes
  • Added brand new sketch pad that supports photos, text, grids, colors, straight lines and more!


  • Replaced some underlying libraries to further improve reliability
  • Added Clear button to drill down and deep drill down measure sheets


  • Corrected UI behavior to prevent number of payments field from showing if no finance option selected
  • Finance option placeholder no longer show 0 when no finance option was selected
  • Corrected bug where the [CT] and [R] placeholders would not calculate correctly in certain circumstances
  • Corrected issue where dynamically driven picker cells would display when underlying display conditions were not met
  • Corrected UI issue where a cell toggle would not display if the label was empty
  • Corrected issue where an extant but empty navigation option would display UI in the calendar
  • Corrected several circumstances that would cause app crashes
  • Corrected issues where cells would not allow inputs after long periods of being open
  • Corrected issue where a co-applicant from another state was being validated against the primary applicant’s state