Leap iOS Application — 1.6.3

New Features

  • Added support for package-based placeholders
  • Added support for using placeholders in amount-based formulas
  • Added support for the %estimateName% placeholder


  • Performance improvements to initial login
  • Improved local caching system to allow for faster downloads and faster app performance
  • Sketch cells now can be cleared
  • Added app title support to sketch pad cells
  • GreenSky credit applications will now auto-populate leading zeros on contracts that require them


  • Corrected UI issue where a toolbar would obscure a divider line in drilldowns
  • Corrected issue where broken data links between upcharges, options, and measure sheet items could prevent login
  • Corrected issue where a selected photo that had a drawing on top would not be saved correctly in certain circumstances
  • Corrected sorting algorithm for ProVia
  • Corrected PDF display orientation for PDFs created by certain generators
  • Various stability fixes