Leap Dashboard — 2.0.0

New Features

Price Guide

  • New UI
  • View all data in a single screen
  • Choose which fields to display
  • Filter products by sub-category
  • Add deep drilldowns


  • New UI

Contract/Document Editor

  • New UI
  • Drag & drop interface
  • App & PDF preview available
  • Hide formula cells
  • New filtering UI for linking items
  • View & copy all available placeholders

New Integrations

  • Job Nimbus
  • Foundation Finance

New Customizability/Settings

  • Define product categories globally
  • See all price formulae on a single screen

Email Communications

  • Customize which fields are required for alerts
  • Attachments can be replaced with links for large files
  • Copy links from resources to send in emails


  • Optional automatic synchronization from total sale amounts

Finance Options & Credit Applications

  • Support to add a generic header for all applications
  • View all finance options at once

Commission Formulae Test Suite

  • Preview a commission formula before using it


  • Alphabetical sorting
  • Drag & drop ordering
  • Drag & drop folder management

New Section: Account Management

  • View and edit billing information
  • See billing history
  • Docusign analytics



  • Improved UI
  • New document management UI


  • Support for cloning permissions groups


  • Internet Explorer support

System Requirements

  • This updated requires the use of Google Chrome or Apple Safari.
  • Support for Firefox and Microsoft Edge has not been fully tested and may be supported in a future release.


This is a complete rewrite of the dashboard from the ground up.